Our Story

Nepal Muslim Women’s Welfare Society (NMWWS) was established in 2006 by a group of Muslim women to work for the poor, marginalized, and disadvantaged women of Nepal. NMWWS is a non-partisan, non-profitable, and non-discriminatory organization. It is registered as an NGO with the Government of Nepal. Since 2006, NMWWS has been advocating for the political participation of marginalized Muslim and Madheshi women in order to achieve inclusive democratic reform. We focus on capacity building of marginalized women’s groups, enabling their access to mainstream politics.
NMWWS advocates and highlights the issues of gender equality, human rights, children’s rights, and violence against women. We work to build youth and women’s leaders to raise community-level awareness and break the chain of harmful socio-cultural practices. NMWWS’ focus is on increasing the enrollment and access of poor and marginalized girls to quality education. NMWWS works for women’s economic empowerment, promoting the economic independence of poor and marginalized women. Investing in women’s economic empowerment sets a path for poverty reduction and gender equality.