Who we are

Our Story

Nepal Muslim Women’s Welfare Society (NMWWS) was established in 2006 by a group of Muslim women to work for the poor, marginalized, and disadvantaged women of Nepal. NMWWS is a non-partisan, non-profitable, and non-discriminatory organization. It is registered as an NGO with the Government of Nepal. Since 2006, NMWWS has been advocating for the political participation of marginalized Muslim and Madheshi women in order to achieve inclusive democratic reform. We focus on capacity building of marginalized women’s groups, enabling their access to mainstream politics.
NMWWS advocates and highlights the issues of gender equality, human rights, children’s rights, and violence against women. We work to build youth and women’s leaders to raise community-level awareness and break the chain of harmful socio-cultural practices. NMWWS’ focus is on increasing the enrollment and access of poor and marginalized girls to quality education. NMWWS works for women’s economic empowerment, promoting the economic independence of poor and marginalized women. Investing in women’s economic empowerment sets a path for poverty reduction and gender equality.

Our Mission, Vision, and Goal




NMWWS envisions a society where women are empowered and enjoy lives without any kind of discrimination or violence.

NMWWS strives to uplift the socio-cultural and economic status of marginalized women, particularly Muslim women, and their representation at the decision-making level.

The goal of NMWWS is to advocate for and build the capacity of the target community to make them capable of raising their voice for their fundamental rights and participating in the democratic process.

Strategic Working Areas

  • Human rights and women’s empowerment
  • Quality education
  • Sustainable Peace and Religious Harmony
  • Environment and Climate Action
  • Good Health and Well-Being
  • Water, sanitation, and hygiene

Core Values

Gender equality is not only important for women, it is better for the whole family and community. Women’s equality ensures a more peaceful and prosperous society for women, men, and children. We believe every woman is unique and powerful in her own right. We are committed to gender equality and women’s empowerment. We are also committed to removing any barriers that prevent the participation of women and girls at the decision-making level.

We are committed to working with marginalized communities and bringing a positive change that will make a meaningful difference in their lives. NMWWS activities are rooted at the community level. We support communities in identifying the problem and taking the initiative to solve the problems of poor and marginalized groups. We believe community participation is an essential part of the process of promoting gender equality and community development.

 We value partnership as one of our key organizing principles. We are committed to developing, maintaining, and nurturing partnerships, including networks, alliances, and linkages, with organizations and individuals who identify with our vision and mission.

The movement towards human rights and gender equality requires social change. We are committed to identifying barriers to human rights and gender equality issues and advocating for change.

We are accountable to the communities and partners we work with. We accept responsibility for our actions. We transparently share our results, financial management practices, stories, and lessons.


The concept of networking among organizational forms is a unique combination of strategy, structure, and joint effort for achieving national and global objectives. Nepal Muslim Women’s Welfare Society (NMWWS) has established its networks with local, national, and international organizations to strengthen joint efforts for the issues and agenda it has pursued for a long time. NMWWS is one of the active members of Beyond Beijing Committee Nepal, Interfaith Peace Federation Nepal, Women Security Pressure Group, National Inter-Religious Network, Think tank in the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare and The World Muslim Communities Council.

NMWWS, being a network member of Beyond Beijing Committee Nepal, advocates for feminism and human rights to achieve gender equality and women’s human rights. Through the National Voter Right Forum, NMWWS collaborates to ensure women’s political participation and their civic and voter education. Likewise, it works to pressurize the government to take action to eliminate violence against women through the Women Security Pressure Group. NMWWS is a part of the National Inter-Religious Network, which works to eradicate gender-based violence in the name of religion. As a think tank member in the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare, NMWWS is part of the think tank in the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare which provides suggestions to the government on gender issues. NMWWS collaborates for women’s empowerment and leadership roles as a member of the World Muslim Community Council.

NMWWS is not only a member of the alliance; it has also taken the lead in national and international networks. NMWWS is Vice Chair of the Beyond Beijing Committee, Interfaith Peace Federation Nepal, and Freedom for All. Similarly, this organization is an executive member of the National Voter Rights Forum and the Women’s Security Pressure Group. NMWWS is also a member of the World Muslim Communities Council’s board of directors and think tank member of Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens of Nepal.  

Team Board

Seema Khan  – Chaiperson

Sheikh Nahida Banu -Vice Chairperson

Nasima Banu -Treasurer

Seema Khan  – Chaiperson

Sheikh Nahida Banu -Vice Chairperson

Nasima Banu -Treasurer

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to build momentum for social, economic, and climate justice, driven by marginalized women and communities living in poverty and exclusion. We’ve built on the strategic plan for 2022–2027 based on learning from our previous actions and our experience. NMWWS board members, staff, allies, partners, and the people we work with have all contributed to this strategy. Efforts to create a more just, equitable, and sustainable society are more important than ever. Over the next five years, we’ll build momentum for social, economic, and climate justice, driven by marginalized women and communities who are excluded and who live in poverty.

Finances and Accountability

Financial accountability results from holding the organization accountable for effectively performing a financial activity, such as a key control procedure within a financial transaction process. A well-defined financial accountability structure serves as the foundation for establishing effective financial processes. 

To maintain the greatest level of financial management and control standards for all projects and programs managed and implemented under NMWWS is done based on its financial policy 2012. It also follows the financial rules and regulations of the government as well as donor compliance and rules. For Financial Accountability, the organization adopts the process for its best utilization of resources as follows:

  • The resources of the organization are utilized in the most efficient, cost-effective and transparent manner.
  • All resources are used wholly and exclusively for the purpose of achieving programme objectives.
  • The organization is equipped to render an accurate, timely, and transparent accounting of all resources expended.
  • NMWWS management is properly advised on financial strategy and accounting policy.
  • Ensure the timely preparation of financial statements that accurately reflect operational activities.
  • Ensure that NMWWS adheres to a financially prudent planning strategy.
  • Foster the good name and reputation of NMWWS by ensuring adherence to the laws of Nepal and the stipulations of donor agreements.
  • Ensure that the organization abides by the rules of its Financial Management Manual, Personnel Policy, and Procurement Policy.
  • Ensure the implementation of an effective internal control and check system which safeguards the organization’s assets and ensures responsible stewardship of donor funds.
  • Responsible for the updating of the Financial Management Manual, which documents accounting policies, book-keeping procedures, rules, regulations, practices, and procurement policies.
  • Respect the confidentiality of all information relating to NMWWS.
  • Facilitate the conduct of external or internal audit exercises. Provide all the required information without delay during the course of the audit.
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