Youth Empowerment

The youth are the backbone of society, but Nepalese youth have limited civic engagement and role in the decision-making process at the local and national levels. They remain at the margins of the political, social, and economic spheres. Youth from marginalized groups face numerous challenges, ranging from discrimination and exclusion to unemployment, inequalities, and even climate change and pandemics. Marginalized young Muslim and Madheshi girls face further hurdles with the traditional roles of women and girls limited in a patriarchal society that privileges men and boys. Limitations placed on girls affect their ability to voice their needs and opinions and reflect a pervasive lack of civic engagement from young Muslim and Madheshi girls.

NMWWS aims to develop young leaders to carry out a movement to improve the situation of marginalized Muslim and Madheshi youth in Nepal. NMWWS works to provide youth a platform where they can discuss their issues with each other and find solutions to their problems, particularly regarding gender equality, human rights, democracy, political participation, climate change, and the exchange of ideas and skills to strengthen their networking. We provide leadership, gender, human rights, and mass media training to develop young leaders. NMWWS works to increase youth’s civic engagement and participation at the decision-making level.